Classes Introduction
Class Schedule


Courses are 2 – 4 months with the same exercise programme 
  • to ensure substantial progress
  • to monitor progress that is obvious and result oriented for the students themselves
  • to give sufficient time for learning without pressure

Our courses are specially structured for progressive learning. Therefore drop-in attendance is discouraged. However, for the busy travelling executive, we issue the "executive pass" to allow for flexible attendance (in Hong Kong only).

We also offer:

  • Private Group classes
  • Pregnancy classes
  • Children's classes.

Please contact us for more details at

Private Sessions

Exclusive one-on-one sessions given by Christel Wilk
by appointment only .

She can design exercises tailored to your special needs, including

  • consulting to assess a person’s physical, mental, emotional needs
  • healing and removal of negative energies
  • reducing and removing pain
  • advice on diet, detox and lifestyle based on Traditional Chinese Medicine

One-on-one physical exercise session is also available with other qualified teachers.

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and Seminars are regularly held in Hong Kong, Germany , Morocco and Switzerland.

Teachers Training

Certified Teacher Training Courses are available (Click Here to go to "Teacher Training") in Hong Kong, Germany and Morocco.