Doris Baer

Swiss born Doris Baer has been living in Hong Kong since 1981. Fascinated by the Chinese culture she started to learn traditional Chinese painting in 1982 and has now developed her own style. She sees with the eyes of a Westener and paints with the hands of a Chinese.

The first time Doris heard about Nei Gong was from her German doctor in 1987 and was also given a taste of it. In 1998 her lower back pain and tennis elbow got so bad that she took regular classes with Christel Wilk.

Her overall health started to increase dramatically. Her spine is realigned giving her an extra 2 cm in height. Now she plays tennis again and is able to survive standing behind an exhibition booth for long hours without any back pain.

As part of her continued spiritual growth Doris decided to become a Nei Gong teacher to spread this wonderful tool for overall health and wellbeing. After an intensive 2 years' training with Christel Wilk she was certified as a Tian Yan Nei Gong teacher in November 2006 and has been teaching at the Tian Yan Nei Gong Centre in Hong Kong since. Doris continues to study with Christel Wilk and can be contacted under

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