"After about 1 ½ years of practicing Nei Gong I am  happy to be able to do some of the rather strenuous holding poses and the very beautiful Nei Gong exercises in my own way. As a mother of  2 teenage daughters I am constantly challenged, both physically and mentally. Nei Gong gives me the much needed strength and inner calmness to meet these daily challenges."
-Barbara Weber, Mother and Housewife (HK/Germany)

"I used to suffer from severe dizziness as a result of inner ear imbalance (BPPV or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo), which started about 20 years ago. When I got up in the morning I lost my balance completely and it felt like something pounding my head to strike me down. I  often feel nauseated and had to vomit. The only thing I could do was to sleep. Over time, this problem occurred more often and the symptoms lasted longer. I had consulted many doctors and some ear specialists. Unfortunately, they could not help.

The illness got even worse due to increased stress and a change in environment. I am an economist and this illness had affected my ability to work; I had to cancel some business trips as a result.

Out of sheer desperation I started  the Nei Gong. First my dizziness began to improve and gradually my general overall health improved substantially. I also feel that my energy level has increased a lot. The best part about Nei Gong is that you improve your health by practicing it yourself. You don’t rely on medication, which often has strong side effects. You don’t even rely on the Nei Gong teacher. Once you learn the exercises, you can practice on your own and just need to keep on practicing. I practice Nei Gong every morning and continue to enjoy healthy living every day."
-Ben Fung, Economist (HK/Ottawa)

"I was introduced to Tian Yan Nei Gong about 18 months ago and immediately felt attracted to it. The concept of body and mind being so closely linked appealed to me very much. After a few weeks I could already feel how it was working on my body and my soul. My body grew stronger and I had a greater awareness of its different parts. I became calmer and more ready to accept what I could not change anyway.
I can only recommend it to anybody."
-Désirée Jebsen, Mother of 5 and Housewife

"I finished my career as a high performance athlete in 1999. I could look back on 25 years of running successfully in various disciplines, including marathon running (over 42 km). I joined all the big international marathons and finished them at world class level.

I thought I had a solid knowledge of training and coaching (endurance, strength, stretching, motivation etc) others and myself, and that I was fit and in peak condition. Or so I thought.

Visiting Hong Kong one day I joined a Nei Gong class. After 10 minutes I wanted to leave again: my body and mind refused to follow these small and subtle movements, although they were not difficult to do. I was frustrated. However, I still had enough sensitivity in my body, to feel what is really good for it. And so I continued.

After three months’ practice I noticed that I had gained more strength during that time than in the last years as a marathon runner. This strength comes from the inside, it is difficult to describe. With Nei Gong my body cells started to rejuvenate: my teeth became stronger, my eyesight improved, I look younger, feel better and have more vitality. I am more flexible than I ever was in my whole life."
-Saemi Marti, Athlete and Businessman (Switzerland)

"I am a banker living in Hong Kong, where the pace of life is frenetic and
non-stop. When I started Nei Gong about 5 years ago, I was stressed out and
burnt out.  The eczema, which I have since birth, was getting out of control.

Because of the nature of my work, I was too much in my masculine mode.
Practising Nei Gong was a beautiful journey of re-discovering and honoring my feminine side. And the result is more success and being more at peace with both parts of myself  (masculine and feminine).I was also very much a doormat with my private banking clients. Nei Gong helped me to strengthen my sense of self-worth.

I practise Nei Gong regularly in the evenings. It calms me down, so that I can listen to my inner voice. The repetitive movements of Nei Gong take me to a meditative state more effectively than sitting still in a lotus position.

If I had not discovered  Nei Gong when I did,  I would have had a nervous breakdown by now. For me Nei Gong was the beginning of my healing and of finding balance in my life."
-Helen Go, Private Banker (HK)