Christel Wilk teaches the ancient Taoist art of “Inner Work” – Nei Gong, which is the origin of all forms of Taoist energy work (Qi Gong, T’ai Chi, Martial Arts etc). It was practised for spiritual development and self-cultivation and is little known in the western world. She made it her goal in life to spread these unique and powerful exercises.

Christel has been studying Tian Yan Nei Gong with its originator Shen Yun Yu in Taiwan since 1989. She started teaching in 1996. Her experience is unique because it is extensive not only in teaching Nei Gong but also in applying its great healing power.

As the founder of the Tian Yan Nei Gong Centre opened in 1999, she conducts workshops and courses as well as training teachers in this energy discipline.

Apart from teaching and training, she offers individual sessions for people with emotional difficulties and health problems. They learn how to improve and even heal themselves by opening up and activating their own energy potential. This helps them to regain confidence not only in their bodies but also in themselves. Christel also gives advice on diet, health and life style based on traditional Chinese medicine.

Christel’s training is based on the ancient Taoist philosophy, the teachings of Laotse (Tao Teh Ching) and Dschuang Dsi. She also works with the I Ching – The Book of Changes. Her work includes balancing the different energies within each person – the Yin and Yang as well as the Five Elements. It also includes the art of “wu wei”- non acting and the art of “letting go”.