About Nei Gong

What is Nei Gong?

Nei Gong sounds rather mystical to most western people. Yet, it serves a very down to earth purpose: to help modern people improve health problems in body and mind, resulting from today’s hectic and mainly sedentary lifestyle. It is suitable for people of all ages and easy to integrate into everyday life. It has proven to be a very effective exercise regimen of “movements” working on the body, mind and spirit.

It is at the root of the Taoist Water Tradition in the Chinese culture, which emphasizes healing, nurturing and cooling. Although its main purpose is to develop the spirit, great importance is first and foremost put on physical health and mental/emotional balance. Nei Gong can therefore be practiced either for physical health and well being with excellent results or - if you so chose - for personal growth and spiritual development.

The Chinese word “Nei Gong” means “internal work”. This refers to personal growth and spiritual work, because it is the work on the inner self. It also refers to the physical aspects, particularly the inner systems of the human body,  for example the autonomic nervous system (ANS), central nervous system, glands, blood circulation, energy channels and the massage of your internal organs. This massage is particularly important, because it removes stress and anger from the liver, fears and anxieties from the kidneys and brings more joy back into your heart. As a result the quality of life improves tremendously and empowers you to make better choices, because the decision making will be less clouded by emotions.

Since Nei Gong works on such deep levels, not only can it cure symptoms, it can also reach the cause of the problem.