About Nei Gong

The Origins

About 11.000 years ago, Nei Gong was founded by a group of individuals: ancient sages and spiritually “achieved ones” who came together as community in the Himalayan Mountains. They felt, they needed to balance and exercise body, mind and soul, that they needed to be clear in their energy and in the energy of their environment. And so they founded this community, a place of peace, a place of learning and gradually the Nei Gong exercises evolved as a consequence.

When they came together, there they were, this small community of very wise individuals. Not wise because of their years, but wise because of their spirit. They came from different cultures and places, guided, you could say, to make the journey. But they shared a common desire and common vision: to help humankind to re-establish their lost connection to Heaven or to the divine origin within them.

The original group died in that place. Later students left the Himalayas and took this form into the world.

Today it is still practised in the Himalayas, Tibet, Nepal and China but discreetly, behind the scenes. Generally the exercises are very little known worldwide.

Tian Yan Nei Gong goes back to these ancient origins and carries the connotations of the founding spirit.