Teacher Training

Learn to become a Certified Nei Gong Teacher

To become a Nei Gong teacher is not only a very rewarding journey, it also adds a new dimension to your life. By teaching the Nei Gong exercises you are helping others to enrich and improve their lives on all levels. And this is a very satisfying and joyful experience.

It is also a work that is very much needed to prevent and improve illness and disease at a time when the costs of health care systems increase constantly.

Furthermore, you can add the Nei Gong to your professional career (ie. health service, therapy, athletes, dancers).

You can also join our course to reach deeper levels of your own personal growth and spiritual development.

Master Teacher Christel Wilk offers 2 years’ certification courses. During these two years the basic form of the 16 main Nei Gong exercises (Dong Gong) will be taught with an emphasis on the key points together with the holding exercises (Jing Gong). The theory includes, for example, the beautiful Taoist philosophy of the Water Tradition, health concepts based on Traditional Chinese medicine and the meridian system.

Following the ancient Taoist tradition and to ensure a high standard, great emphasis is placed on the practical teaching of the exercises as well as a disciplined personal practice.


Prior to the 2 years’ teacher training every student has to attend a preparatory training course for approximately two years. The aim of this course is to prepare body and mind for the intensive input of the 2 years’ teacher training and to achieve the required standard for the Nei Gong exercises in the best possible way. This is done by increasing body awareness, improving alignment and grounding, opening up all joints, gaining strength and flexibility of the entire spine and building up core strength and stamina.

To be a successful student is a commitment and requires perseverance.

Teaching Skills

Christel Wilk’s experiential teaching style enables students to constantly move between the role of a student and a teacher during the training and often they are in both roles at the same time to develop their teaching skills. They learn and experience how to teach safely and with a sense of responsibility.

Examination and Certification

After 2 years potential teachers are individually tested by Christel Wilk. The certificate will be given only to those students who mastered the exercises to the required standard and who showed sufficient knowledge and teaching competence. There is a physical and theoretical part to the examination. This Level One Certificate enables the candidate to teach beginners.

Level 1

This is the basic level of teacher competence. Level One teachers have learned basic body alignments, know the basic movements well and can perform them with confidence. They know how to make the complex movements easily accessible for a student and finally enjoyable.

Level 2

After several years of teaching experience suitable students have the possibility to study the Nei Gong therapy with the potential to learn some healing techniques and to be involved in the preparation for the teacher training.

Certificate of Attendance

A Certificate of Attendence will be issued to any student who has attended at least 80 % of the course without taking the examination. It does not exclude the possibility of taking the examination at a later time.

A student who failed the examination will also receive a Certificate of Attendance and can re-sit the examination at a later time.

In either case the Certificate of Attendance does not entitle to teach.


Any student whose conduct is unprofessional or detrimental to the harmony of the class will have their training terminated without any refund of fees and will no longer be admitted to the training.


I Ching – The Book of Changes
Tao Teh Ching
Dschuang Dsi

Teacher training courses are held in Hong Kong, Germany and Morocco.

To find out more about our teacher training courses please contact Christel Wilk directly at enquiry@tianyanneigong.com.