Karen Argyle

Karen has been learning Tian Yan Nei Gong since 1997. She fell in love with Nei Gong from her first class, feeling it was the most complete form of exercise she had ever experienced mentally, physically and spiritually.

Since qualifying to teach Nei Gong in 2006, Karen conducts regular classes in Hong Kong where she is based. She has also taught classes in Australia and the Philippines, and has taught Skype classes to existing clients who have moved country and wish to continue their practice. Karen has extensive teaching experience, and an interest in writing poetry, some of which is about the Nei Gong. Karen has used the tremendous benefits of Nei Gong on her own healing from both accidents and illness, and is eager to pass on her knowledge to her students.

Karen is currently training as a Senior Nei Gong Teacher with the teacher and founder of the Tian Yan Nei Gong Centre in Hong Kong, Christel Wilk.


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